The Path To Antifragile

Leaders’ Bureau supports Purpose-led strategies for business, people and technology in the transition to a circular economy.

In a moment of unprecedented disruption for many of the world’s rules-based systems, we can help you to build social licence founded on reciprocal commitments.

Our collaborative method is a solid foundation for civil and commercial relationships: good for brands, good for people.

Technology and its applications are exponential

Technology is evolving at an exponential pace. Incumbents in every field face unprecedented exposure. Black Swans – a term coined by Nassim Nicholas Taleb to describe unforeseen or unintended consequences – will test the purpose and resilience of every organisation. The best find competitive advantage in volatility. This is what it means to be Antifragile.

LeadersBureau.com is an open resource. The toolkit section of this website includes links to external resources, plus sample web apps for Learning and Development in our highly versatile Power of 9 format.

The blog pages are arranged by four core themes:

  • Hyper-transparency – Everywhere already
  • Antifragile – New rules of engagement
  • Social Contracts – Consent and sustainability
  • Prime Movers – Ideas and best practice

Leaders’ Bureau was founded to build the case for societal balance and new social contracts founded on the principle of shared opportunity within planetary boundaries.

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Mark Ashurst

Mark has worked with a variety of multinational organisations in the public and private sectors, including in the Netherlands: Circle Economy, a business-backed accelerator and social enterprise; Follow This, a shareholders movement in Big Oil; and Philips Lighting, now Signify, as Global Director of Thought Leadership during the 2016 demerger from Royal Philips. A former BBC broadcaster and speechwriter for President Nelson Mandela, Mark previously covered the Americas, Europe and sub-Sahara as a correspondent for the Financial Times, The Economist and the International New York Times. From 2006-2010, Mark was executive director of Africa Research Institute in London, an independent think tank with a brief to propagate ideas with a record of success. He is a graduate of University College Oxford; Bucerius Law School, Hamburg, and WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management, Vallendar.


Jorus Everaerd

Jorus Everaerd is a certified ExO Works coach and Chief IoT officer at FacilityApps, a fast-growing Software-as-a-Service start-up. Passionate about the discovery of scalable technologies for ‘old economy’ sectors, he is proprietor of a home automation systems integration company, and developer of many digitised processes including the Basebox iOS app. In 2016, Jorus was a finalist in the European Cleaning and Hygiene Awards for ‘groundbreaking innovation’. An accomplished public speaker, he is a member of the Speakers Academy and the Spintelligent Training Faculty. Previously, Jorus worked in finance as Global Head of Equities at Fortis Bank. He is an alumnus of Singularity University and holds a masters degree in economics from the University of Amsterdam.