Socrates said it first: To Be Is To Do.

Or perhaps it was the Chinese philosopher, Leo-tzu: To Do Is To Be.

In mid-20th century Paris, Jean-Paul Sartre agreed that we are what we do.

While French parliamentarians argued over “la Coca-colonisation de l’Europe”, across the Atlantic, Frank Sinatra sang: Do-Be-Do-Be-Do.

And all of them were right.

At Leaders’ Bureau, we work with select organisations to nurture transparency at every level. We help you to show friends, customers, followers, investors, allies, members or staff that You Are What You Do.

Whether you are a start-up or an incumbent, a campaign or alliance, commercial or not-for-profit, we work with you to create a tailored ‘Inside-Out’ approach to strategy and strategic communications.

Our recent work is in the circular economy with a particular focus on the transition to a post-carbon energy system, while past projects span Small Island Developing States; NHS bed-blocking; access to social care; accountability in the life sciences; re-thinking tech governance.

In all these realms, we have yet to find a project that defies the late management guru Peter Drucker’s axiom that ‘Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast’.

We like to begin with a process of Discovery.

Purpose-led organisations report enhanced loyalty, improved focus, earned social licence and outperformance in adversity. Most of the time, the best people to answer the tough strategic questions are the people who do the work, know the material, understand the market. We’ll work with you to formulate a careful process of content audits, scenario games and stakeholder mapping. Our feedback helps to harness diversity and counter the confirmation bias in decision-making.

Next, we facilitate the Co-creation of bespoke resources.

Just as the best people to evaluate strategy tend to be those tasked with executing it, we believe it’s the people who do the talking and listening, the meeting and greeting, who are the most valuable resource for internal and external communications. Many modern marketing gurus are fond of Purpose-branding, for good reason; but in our age of hyper-transparency, branding is the wrong place to start. We have a strong record of hosting cross-functional thought leaders’ groups to chart effective stakeholder engagement. Once the strategy fits, we work with you to create a vivid and compelling story.

Then we build content ready-to-Scale.

We know what it takes to transform a values-driven strategy into a scalable communications plan. Our step by step approach to information design will build alignment and shared purpose across your organisation and stakeholders. And we’ll stick around to help you develop a cost-effective pipeline of iterative, thematic content assets primed for take-off. Our services:

  • Speaker Bureau 
  • Digital Boot Camp
  • Analyst, Media & Investor Relations
  • Social Contracts
  • Custom Distributed Media
  • Enterprise Content Management

At Leaders’ Bureau we don’t talk about leadership. We help you to communicate transparently; to demonstrate the purpose which inspires belief; and to apply the know-how to deliver efficiently. When you get this right, the upside from acting transparently is exponential. Whether you are an entrepreneur chasing growth, an innovating corporate, an NGO building influence or a campaign gathering momentum.

Speaker Bureau

Mark has worked as a speechwriter on themes from broadcasting regulation to climate politics and the Internet of Things for, among others: South African President Nelson Mandela, Philips Lighting CEO Eric Rondolat and Follow This founder Mark van Baal.

Save! Save! Save!

Crafting an optimal match of culture to strategy takes time and commitment, but it’s the kind of investment that pays back. Again and again. Leaders’ Bureau can help you to cross off the zeros charged in typical agency fees.

For select clients who follow our three-step process of Discovery + Co-creation + Scale, we offer a dedicated content management service to reduce the principal-agent conflicts inherent in managing external suppliers.

By acting as an intermediary and in-house account manager, we can crowd-source your content pipeline at a substantial saving, typically of 30%-50% on traditional agency costs.

We promise closer strategic focus and measurably better outcomes for your communications spend – guaranteed. Or your money back.

Seal of Approval | photo credit: Karsten Madsen